Water-soluble papaya and mango oil

Water-soluble papaya and mango oil

The revitalising water-soluble Papaya and Mango oil invigorates, stimulates and brings enthusiasm and joy. It also adds a fun point to any room.

Formato: 15 ml.

  • Recomended for...

    With the Equivalenza aroma diffuser you'll only need 3 to 5 drops to achieve an aroma of papaya and mango.

  • Characteristics

    Three to five drops of Papaya and Mango scented oil are enough when using the Equivalenza Electric Aroma Diffuser. For maximum fragrance itensity use a maximum of 5 drops/100ml of water.

  • Ingredients

    Made in Spain

Olfactory notes

  • Mango

  • Papaya