Ultrasound aroma diffuser

Ultrasound aroma diffuser

The electric aroma diffuser uses a relaxing vapour breeze and ultrasound system to release the essence evenly and constantly throughout the room. A 3-in-1 product: humidifier aromatherapy (releases a solution of water and essence in the form of cold vapour) and chromotherapy (it has a seven-colour-LED that changes cyclically).

  • Recomended for...

    Lovers of aromatherapy and chromotherapy who want an effective solution that also humidifies the air.

  • Characteristics

    The diffuser is very quiet and very simple, straightforward while also being very effective to use. It optimizes ambient oxygen and has security protection: automatic shutdown for low water levels. It also helps reduce static electricity and clean the air. The vapour is cold. It can only be used with water-soluble scented oil.

  • Ingredients

    Made in Spain