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We recommend you also read the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website for more information on data processing and systems and security applications adopted.


Ownership of data processed:


Company owner and holder of the data processed:


Registered address: C / Salvador Espriu 13-15. Pol. Industrial Gran Via 2, 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

TAX Number: B65653629



Phone: +34934571139

REGISTRY DATA: Companies’ Register Barcelona, Sheet No B-485556 del tomo 45371, folio 128.


Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter "LOPD"), we inform you that personal data supplied by the user (hereinafter "Data ") will be incorporated into a file enrolled in the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency owned and operated by EQUIVALENZA RETAIL SL (hereinafter" EQUIVALENZA "), an entity of Spanish nationality with registered office in C/Salvador Espriu 13-15 . Pol Industrial Gran Via 2, 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) .TAX Number B65653629. Registration Data: Companies’ Register Barcelona, sheet number B-415265 volume 42842, folio 223. This file will be processed by EQUIVALENZA for the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by EQUIVALENZA with the User. EQUIVALENZA will collect data through the corresponding forms, which will contain the fields necessary to provide the service required by the User. The answers to the questions put to the User in the forms are optional; however, the lack of response thereto by the user will result in the inability to access services required by the User. Data will be treated with the appropriate degree of protection, according to Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 20, taking the necessary security measures to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access by third parties who might use them for ends different to those requested by the user.


Users may exercise their rights of opposition, access, correction and cancellation in compliance with the provisions of the LOPD, by email to the address, or by regular mail sent to the address above.

Having previously given your express consent, we use your email address for sending commercial communications. You can unsubscribe from them at any moment.

We will use your email address for sending commercial communications. You can unsubscribe from them at any time. By responding to the questions posed in the forms and sending them, EQUIVALENZA may:

 a) send you information and commercial communications of interest relating to the fields of perfumery, cosmetics, beauty and personal care in general and

 b) transfer the data to the following companies: FHIOS CONSULTORIA TECNOLOGICA SLU, and ENVIALIA WORLD S.L. to enable compliance with the obligations assumed by EQUIVALENZA with the user and sending the aforementioned commercial communications.

The User may at any time oppose this treatment method and revoke consent to it, via the email address, or by regular mail sent to the address above.

EQUIVALENZA autonomously decides the purposes and methods of treatment as well as the implementation of security procedures to guarantee the privacy, integrity and availability of data.


Discretionary vs. mandatory transmission and/or transfer of data:

Transmission and/or transfer to EQUIVALENZA of personal data requested at the various stages of data collection and / or compilation may be mandatory under the content and provisions of the legislation (LOPD) by which it is governed, even though, in other cases, it will be discretionary.

It will be specified indistinctly, in each of the cases, the mandatory or discretionary nature of the transmission and / or transfer of data -in relation to the requested personal data - for processing and / or collection of such information, distinguishing the mandatory fields with an asterisk (*).

The eventual lack of communication to EQUIVALENZA of data for the required fields will prevent the achievement and / or reaching the main purpose associated with data collection. Moreover, the failure to communicate such data to EQUIVALENZA could determine, for example, the inability to enter into any contract to purchase products for sale on the website, as well as any contract to supply the services available on that site (eg. Customer Support services, sending information in the Equivalenza Newsletter and use of the 'Wish List' and exchange of contents section).

Transmission and / or transfer to EQUIVALENZA of the data of the corresponding non-mandatory fields (for example, the fact of indicating a favourite fragrance family) will be of a discretionary or optional nature, so it will not affect in any way towards meeting the inherent main purpose in the collection of such data (eg. the use of the website and its services or purchasing products, depending on the specific case).


Individuals and / or entities in charge of data processing

Listed here are some of the subjects and / or entities currently in charge of data processing:

1. ENVIALIA WORLD SL, responsible for processing the data required for shipments, deliveries and returns of products purchased through our website.

2. FHIOS SLU, responsible for the processing of data concerning promotional services via email from EQUIVALENZA.

We invite you to contact our Customer Service department or send an e-mail to if you want to receive the complete list of our data processing managers.


User Rights:

The User has the right to obtain confirmation relating to the processing of personal data by EQUIVALENZA concerning them, even if they have not been registered, as well as their transmission and / or transfer in an intelligible form.

The User is also entitled to know from EQUIVALENZA the following: all information relating to the origin of their personal data; the purposes and methods of processing of their personal data; the management method and / or processing of their data in case of computer-aided processing and / or other electronic devices; the identification details of the owner and managers of processing, and the name of the subjects or of the categories of subjects authorized to consult or to know such data as far as they are in charge of data processing, among others. The processing of all these data and information will be governed by the content and provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Users may also request at any time from Equivalenza the following:

1. Updating, modification or deletion of personal data;

2. Cancellation, anonymous transformation or blocking of personal data processed or disclosed contrary to the legislation in force, including data that is not necessary to keep under the purpose for which it was originally collected or that were subsequently processed, and

3. Verification or confirmation that the operations mentioned under sections a) and b), including their respective content, have been brought to the attention of those individuals and / or entities to whom the data were sent or given, except where such practice or diligence becomes unfeasible or involves an exorbitant deployment of means in relation to the right safeguarded.

However, the User may oppose totally or partially,

1. for sufficiently justified reasons, the processing of personal data relating to themselves, provided they are useful for the purposes for which they have been collected as well as

2. the processing of personal data to proceed to sending advertising materials, to carry out a campaign of direct marketing or for market research or to distribute a commercial communication plan.

The User may freely exercise their rights at any time by writing to EQUIVALENZA, by post or by sending a message to the following email address:

We will proceed to take action on all applications received.


To ensure that your personal data is accurate, recent, complete and suitable, please inform us of any possible variation by email, sending a message to the following email address:


Summary of EQUIVALENZA’s Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy includes the following principles:

1. Process data solely for the purposes provided by law and in accordance with the procedures included in the information note displayed on the occasion of the data collection phase;

2. use personal data for purposes other than those for which they have been specifically communicated, provided that they have the express consent of the User;

3. allow access to personal data by third party companies, solely and exclusively in the interests of effective provision of the service requested, provided that they have been designated the individuals and / or entities in charge of processing; not communicate, assign or forward data to third parties for their own usual commercial purposes without having previously informed the affected Users or having obtained their express consent;

4. respond to and process requests for cancellation, modification, integration of the data provided or opposition to the processing of personal data to send commercial and advertising information, and

5. ensure proper and lawful management of data safeguarding the anonymity of Users and adopting, at the same time, appropriate security measures to protect the secrecy, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information provided.


Use and purpose of the processing of personal data

The processing of Users’ personal data by EQUIVALENZA or by third parties occurs mainly electronically and telemetrically. These individuals and / or entities responsible for the processing, appropriately selected to meet the requirements of reliability and competence, perform technical operations aimed at complying and ensuring the purposes are strictly related to the use of its website and its services, and also to purchase products through the website (see the section "Subjects approved for the processing of personal data").

Generally, data processing is necessary to be able to provide the following services which are available through our website:

1. data logging to enjoy the services offered through the site;

2. subscription to other specific services, such as our news bulletin, called EQUIVALENZA NEWSLETTER and other similar information services about our business activities, creating a preferences section known as the 'Wish List' for exchanging content, sending invitations to friends to join the EQUIVALENZA world and making yourself known among other users by sending us a photo and your personal comments;

3. management and / or processing of orders and related activities;

4. management of queries, questions or problems related to technical, commercial, or order status, as well as other generic requests for information;

5. making contact with the referents of our services (Press Office, Department of Business Development, Web Marketing, Buying Office, Customer Service), and

6. submission of nominations and request for inclusion in our staff by sending CVs.

The phase of processing data directly or indirectly of a personal nature occurs, solely and exclusively, for the purposes provided by law and in strictly necessary cases.

For this reason, we have set up the website according to parameters that significantly restrict the use of and access to personal data of the User. Thus, it excludes or prevents the processing of data provided that the objectives pursued in each case can be achieved by using anonymous data (such is the case, for example, of market research aimed at improving services) or in accordance with other forms that allow the identification of the interested subject only in case of need or requirement by the competent authorities and police forces (as happens with data related to traffic and the User's visit to the website or inherent to their IP address).

The content of the aforementioned article expressly provides that, in some cases, personal data may be used – with express consent of the affected party - to develop and / or create profiles based on preferences of the User and purchases made by them. Said procedure is intended to send suitable, useful information to meet the demands and interests of the User. EQUIVALENZA RETAIL may use any personal data to send the User advertising about their own services and products, provided they have the prior consent of the person concerned. Personal data of the User will only be communicated or disclosed to third parties with the prior consent of the former, except in cases where existing legislation provides for the mandatory disclosure of such or if it represents a necessary procedure for legally enforceable purposes, whose implementation does not require the consent of the person concerned. In these cases, access to such data will be provided to third parties to process and / or manage autonomously, uniquely and exclusively for the purposes outlined above (eg. in case of a request by the police, the judiciary or other bodies and relevant authorities, or to comply with the obligations under the contract with the User-such is the case of data communication to Banco Sabadell for payment of products acquired).

Any other purpose of data processing other than that specifically intended and for which Users provide their personal data, will be reflected in the afore mentioned information note. EQUIVALENZA may also pursue said purpose only if it has the prior express consent to do so (this occurs, for example, in the case of creating a customer profile based on their preferences and shopping habits). Moreover, data processing may pursue different purposes for which current legislation provides for the exemption of consent. As an example, EQUIVALENZA may use the personal data of any User without prior consent on their part when this is done to comply with a legally enforceable obligation, or in other words, when it is necessary to implement the assumed contractual obligations to the User (this is verified when products are purchased or any of the specific services available through our website are requested).

There is a possibility that EQUIVALENZA processes and / or manages personal data relating to third parties that have been transferred or assigned directly by the Users of themselves (eg. Acquisition on the part of the User of a product to be delivered to a friend; settlement of the purchase price of the product by a person other than the recipient of that article; advertising by the User to a friend of a service available on the website or notification of a sales offer for a particular product). In cases like these, EQUIVALENZA will inform the third party in question about the content of the Data Protection Act(LOPD) on registering their data in the file, although the obligation will rest with the User to eventually obtain the consent of the person to whom such data relates before communicating it to EQUIVALENZA, while it must inform the subject in question about this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy. Thus, the User will be solely and uniquely responsible for the communication of information and data concerning third parties without their having expressly given their consent, as well as any possible use which is inappropriate or contrary to law.

We inform the User that it will not be necessary to have the consent of these people when communicating to EQUIVALENZA data relating to the subject in question to carry out the contract with EQUIVALENZA in favour of a third party.

EQUIVALENZA reserves the right to cancel user accounts created if unlawful use of them is detected and all related data in the case of detecting or seeing content which could be illegal and harmful for the image of EQUIVALENZA and / or its products or  third parties, as well as content which is offensive or that could  incite, encourage and publicize illegal or defamatory activities, content which is pornographic, violent or encourages discrimination based on race or ethnicity, sex, creed or sexual orientation.


Subjects authorized in the processing of personal data

In relation to certain activities, EQUIVALENZA has decided to use third parties for the processing of personal data of Users. Third parties carrying out these activities have been carefully selected and have the experience, ability and reliability needed for this purpose, while providing sufficient guarantee of fulfilling the current regulations concerning data processing, including the appropriate level of protection and safeguarding of data.

These subjects have been designated for that purpose "in charge of data processing" and perform their respective activities and functions in accordance with the instructions from EQUIVALENZA and under their direct supervision. We carry out regular checks to ensure that managers do the tasks entrusted to them and offer, at all times, sufficient guarantee concerning the fulfillment of the current regulations regarding the protection and safeguarding of personal data. Managers assigned to the various services ensure the processing of data from Users. The categories of employees and / or managers carrying out these activities will depend on the purposes for which the data has been transmitted and will be reflected in the information note displayed in connection with the communication of personal data of the User.


International Transfer

We use MailChimp emailing platform to send our newsletters. MailChimp is a service offered and operated by the US company, The Rocket Science Group, LLC.

 You can check the privacy policies applicable to the data processing carried out through the following links (in English):

Subscribing to our Newsletter necessarily implies consent to the international transfers referred to here.

By accepting this privacy policy, the user expressly authorizes the international transfer of data. If the user does not authorize the international transfer of data, they should refrain from accepting this privacy policy.


Security measures

We take appropriate security measures to minimize the risks of destruction or loss - even accidental - of data, unauthorized access or unlawful processing that does not conform to the purposes of data collection indicated in our Privacy Policy. However, EQUIVALENZA cannot guarantee Users that the measures taken both for the safety of the site and the method of transmitting data and other information through said site, limit or exclude any hypothetical risk of unauthorized access or data leakage from the use of devices owned by the User. We advise all Users to ensure that their PC has software suitable for the protection and security of data transmission on the internet, whether sent or received (such as updated antivirus systems) and that their internet service provider has taken the necessary measures to ensure the security of data transmission on the internet (eg. firewalls and antispam filters against junk mail).



For the purposes of the provisions of the current legislation on data protection, data from your curriculum that you give us are essential for processing the application and the owner consents to the personal data and that from the curriculum, including email address, which is provided being incorporated into the file for which EQUIVALENZA is responsible, in order to study and / or carry out this application and for the study and customized or divided analysis of it.

Curriculum data that are provided will be kept for a period of one year, after which EQUIVALENZA will ensure that it is totally destroyed.

EQUIVALENZA guarantees that all personal data provided will be used for the purpose, in the manner and with the limitations and rights granted by the Organic Law 15/1999, for Protection of Personal Data. The owner may exercise freely his rights of opposition, access and information, rectification, cancellation of his data and withdrawal of his authorization without retroactive effect, by written communication to EQUIVALENZA, C / Salvador Espriu 13-15. Pol. Industrial Gran Via 2, 08908, or by email to


Blog behaviour standards:

If you want to participate in our blogs, you have to accept these rules:

1. User Responsibility. By participating in the web blogs you are solely responsible for the messages that you post on them, ensuring EQUIVALENZA full indemnity against any claims that may arise from such concepts.

If messages contain material protected by intellectual or industrial property rights you warrant that it is your own or that you have permission from the owner to share it in blogs.

And EQUIVALENZA is exempt from any third party claims that are raised by such concepts.

2. The user shall, before posting a message, choose the appropriate blog. Those messages that do not fit the theme of the blog may be removed. It is strictly forbidden to publish promotions and links to commercial offers, advertising, promotional materials, chain letters or any direct or indirect promotional activity or any other type of comment that does not conform to the normal development of the topics of the blogs.

3. The user must respect other users. The user must be tolerant and respectful of messages and opinions of other users. Messages may be deleted if they are considered harmful to the rights of others or that they violate the peaceful development of the blogs.

4. EQUIVALENZA reserves the right to reproduce, modify, or distribute messages posted on the web blogs under the terms and convenient means without thereby any form of compensation being due to the user.

5. EQUIVALENZA is not responsible for what is published in the web blogs nor does it guarantee the truthfulness or accuracy of any information posted in them. The user posting the messages or information has the responsibility for their content.

6. EQUIVALENZA does not guarantee the availability or the continuity of the service of blogs on the website, and may modify, suspend or remove them from the web without notice at any time.

7. In the event that a user is affected by illegal actions, or detects misuse of blogs on the web by other users, they may inform EQUIVALENZA via the email indicating in the subject box "blogs moderation" so that EQUIVALENZA can moderate or remove them.

8. The user will indemnify EQUIVALENZA against any claim that could arise as a result of the messages posted by the user on blogs or any other conduct related to or arising from the use of the web blogs by the user.


Links to other Web sites

Our site contains links to other Web sites that do not necessarily have any relationship with the activity of EQUIVALENZA.

EQUIVALENZA does not perform control or supervision of such Web sites or their content. EQUIVALENZA will be exempt from any liability which may arise from the contents of these pages and the rules adopted by them, even if they are related to confidentiality and processing of the User's personal data during navigation. We also recommend the user acts with due diligence when connecting to these sites through the links on our website and to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Use of the sites mentioned, as well as the respective Privacy Policies. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party Web sites.

Our website contains links to these sites with the mere purpose of providing the user with search operations, navigation and online hypertext links to other sites. Activation of the links does not imply any recommendation or advertising by EQUIVALENZA to accessing and navigating these sites, likewise it does not involve any guarantee regarding its contents, services offered or items sold to Internet users.


Contact information

To receive more information about the processing of your personal data by EQUIVALENZA send us an email to the following address:


Applicable legislation

This Privacy Policy is governed by Spanish law and in particular the provisions contained in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data. The above regulation ensures the processing of personal data with the most absolute respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and the dignity of the person concerned, with particular emphasis on confidentiality, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data .


Companies of the EQUIVALENZA Group

EQUIVALENZA RETAIL operates online through the website, in countries other than Spain - even outside the European Union -, relying on subsidiaries and / or companies acquired that form part of the Equivalenza Group.

User data will not be passed on or disclosed to these companies and / or subsidiaries without the express consent of the former or without meeting the applicable requirements.

These companies and / or subsidiaries apply -in the field of service delivery to the respective Users and the sale of products through the website their own Privacy Policies, although they comply, in any case, with ours.

In cases where the companies and / or subsidiaries of the EQUIVALENZA Group carry out the processing of User data, EQUIVALENZA RETAIL is designated as a representative company and the principal site on Spanish territory with a view to the implementation of Spanish legislation and regulation of the processing and protection of personal data.